It was exciting to see everyone this past Sunday at our Vision Meeting as we celebrated God’s grace.  Much has occurred since our initial meeting in January where we discussed the potential of partnering with the North American Mission Board.  We hope it was encouraging to all who attended to hear the latest update on that partnership.

Alongside the many joyous things God has already done the past three months, there is much more excitement ahead as we take next steps in our replant.  The most crucial and first next step is for all current members, and anyone who is interested, to attend our first every Prospective Members Class.  This class will be offered on May 19th at 8:30 am to 12 noon.  Breakfast, lunch, and childcare will be provided.  We are encouraging everyone to mark their calendars and make time to attend this class.

Attending the Prospective Members Class is our most crucial step because it will build a more healthy and unified LITD.  Unity will be critical as we continue to push forward in reaching our surrounding community.  Churches for centuries have always set out to unify themselves in Christ through agreed upon statements of faith, expectations for believers, and establishing how they can serve each other.  These things breed unity among diverse people and keep the attention upon Christ rather than human means.  One cannot overestimate the importance of the next few months for us, so do make plans to attend the Prospective Members Class on May 19th!  Click here to sign up.