Brothers and Sisters,

This week we will start a new Sunday Study, so I thought I would take a few minutes and explain them.  Sunday Studies are designed to tackle tough theological and cultural issues with a desire to help us love God supremely, love others sacrificially, and share hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples.  They are typically seven weeks in length, and anyone can jump in at any time without hesitation.  So mark your calendar for 9 am every Sunday to join us for thoughtful discussions.  As you come in the foyer, grab a cup of coffee and donut, and meet us in Room 204.

Who Am I? (Aug 4 – Sept 15)

Who am I?  Three simple words, yet many of us spend our entire lives seeking an answer to them.  We tend to think of identity as what we own, what we do, or what’s been done to us, but do those things really represent the essence of identity?  In this series, we will explore identity at its deepest and most significant levels.  An inadequate understanding of identity leads to ruin, but a proper estimation of self inspires a joy-filled, God-honoring life.

Our Life Together (Sept 22 – Nov 3)

Jesus’ death and resurrection provide the foundation for unity, not only with God but also with God’s people. This unity is so distinct that Jesus based the credibility of his mission upon it. In this class, we will discuss how to preserve and enjoy harmony in the church, enabling us by God’s grace to be the type of church everyone longs for. 

Evangelism: Who? What? Why? (Nov 10 – Dec 22)

Evangelism is where God’s people declare the gospel of Jesus Christ with the aim to persuade others.  In this endeavor, many get overwhelmed with the “how” and focus much energy on perfecting the mechanism, that they end up doing nothing. Do we really have the power within ourselves to save people?  Join us as we explore the ins and outs of Evangelism to fuel compassion and urgency.