Church Family,

The number one question we often get is, “How do I get connected?”  This is an essential question for any member, anywhere, at any church.  This is because one of the greatest pursuits for us as Christians is maturity in Christ.  Growth is essential for us all.  Though we know that, it is not easily attained.  Come to find out it takes some work on our part to put ourselves under God’s Word for Him to change us and grow us.  So, “How do I get connected?” is very important for Spiritual maturity and for the church to fulfill its mission; which is to make disciples. To fulfill this mission, we need to be strategic and straightforward in our approach.  That is why we have simplified our discipleship process by thinking through four crucial areas in the life of the church; large gatherings, small gatherings, 1-1, and individual.  This simple discipleship process, and how you connect, captures all the various relationships one should pursue in the church.  We believe that if any given week an individual were to be a part of our Sunday Gathering, a smaller group, and at different times 1-1 bible reading, then our chances of fulfilling the mission of the church are much more likely, and your growth is guaranteed.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan