Church Family,

What a great Easter weekend!  It was enjoyable to reflect on a few of the most important truths we hold dear.  In times like these, it is essential to hold tightly to the truths about Jesus that never change, waiver, nor fail.  “He is alive” is much more than a slogan once a year; it’s our rally cry into eternity!

I wanted to direct your thinking towards a helpful article I stumbled upon a few days ago about anxiety.  One thing is for sure, whether you struggle with anxiety or not, COVID-19 is more than likely causing you to worry.  It’s helpful when dealing with anxiety to clarify exactly what you are feeling and what type of anxiety you feel.  In doing so, it allows you to address the worry better and begin to cope and or overcome the stress.  The long term effects of this virus are very uncertain, so it is wise for us to be aware of the areas we are prone to higher anxiety and to be experts on God’s Word that reminds us of our ultimate reality.  This article will help with both.  Click here to read more.  If you need someone to chat with further about anxiety, reach out to myself or Blaine Barber, who can be reached by email (

Schedule this week

  • Disciple-Makers:  Wednesday at 6:30 pm, click this link ( and jump into a wonderful conversation about reading scripture well.
  • Sunday:  We will continue to go live on Facebook at 10 am with a few announcements and then a message.  You don’t have to have a Facebook account to view that video, just click here, and you can watch it from our website.
  • You:  Yes you!  Why would I include you in the schedule for the week?  Because it is crucial that we as the body take time each week to connect through whatever means we have available.  Emails are ok, a text message is a little better, a phone call is way better, but a video chat is the best!  Use these things to chat, listen, and pray for one another this week.  Perhaps you could even read scripture together as part of your time.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan