Church Family,

I do hope you all are well and had an enjoyable week.  I was able to join hundreds of pastor across the country to attend (virtually) a pastor’s conference.  Though it was not a usual way to enjoy and participate in a conference, it still encouraged my soul.  Going with the flow and making adjustments to our old rhythms is the current theme of our lives.  With that said, we are making a slight adjustment to our Sunday Virtual Gathering.  It still will be on Facebook live at 10 am or our website as well.  The tiny change is that we will be using Zoom to broadcast the Livestream to Facebook.  So if you want to use Zoom instead of watching on Facebook, here is the link (  It is not a regular meeting that most of us are familiar with but the webinar feature.  This simply means you will be an attendee and just be viewing the gathering.  The only benefit I can perceive at this point is a better quality video.  We are using this feature because many months ago, I scheduled a dear brother to preach this coming Sunday.  I trust the Lord already knew the unique circumstance we would be in when I asked; so, he is preaching from his home.  Zoom allows for multiple people from different locations to be on the Livestream at once.  We will more than likely continue to make use of this feature in the coming weeks as we wait to meet face to face.

Let me encourage you to prepare your hearts for tomorrow morning.  Many distractions are pulling at your attention as you watch from home.  Take the extra steps to silent your phone, turn off notifications on your computer, and ready yourself to hear God’s Word.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan