Church Family,

This past Sunday, we explored the two paths Proverbs puts before us.  It uniquely does this by personifying the choices; Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly.  Lady Wisdom’s speech consumes a large number of verses, while Lady Folly’s speech is short, indicating just how much more Lady Wisdom has to offer.  Proverbs will call us consistently to choose because that is what wisdom does; it makes decisions.  We cannot fill our heads with insight, knowledge, and understanding and not use them in our daily living.  Proverbs seek to help us gain a better skill at life, which requires action.  Two paths will continually emerge before us, and sorry, we cannot take both, so let us stand and ponder each paths’ outcome.


Sunday Gathering

The Leadership Team and I are diligently and prayerfully discussing a reopening strategy that will serve us all well and, most importantly, honor the Lord.  As we consider everything, would you help us by filling out the anonymous questionnaire below?  It should only take a few minutes of your time and will be extremely helpful to us.  This questionnaire is designed to gain insight to help us better make wise decisions. None of the suggestions below are guarantees, but a starting point in gauging comfort levels.  Thanks in advance!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan



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