Church Family,

I am happy to announce the first episode of our first-ever podcast titled Beyond The Sermon.  One of our deep convictions around here is to let God’s preached Word, reverberate, to echo, to work its way into our daily lives beyond Sunday morning.  This podcast is an effort to do just thatIt will be geared around taking what God does on Sunday, as we come under His word, and move it into our daily lives.  Now, of course, the sermon should already make strong applications through the clear implications of the text, but Beyond The Sermon will seek to further your thinking from Sunday’s text.  Be prepared; I just might ask some of you to be a part of it!

You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes or Spotify.  You can simply click the links in the previous sentence, or search for “Light in the Desert Church Sermons and Podcast” on those apps, then click subscribe.  Or, if you prefer not to use those apps, you can click here and then click on the graphic to listen to any episode from our website.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan