Church Family,

Sunday was a joyous day as we got to see, interact, and hear each other again.  Nothing is more encouraging than the voices of God’s people declaring His truths with one collective voice.  Here are some reflections from our regathering:

  1. We really missed each other!  There is no doubt that we love each other very much.  Watching us all fight the urge to run up and hug each other was beautiful to see.  It is evident, by God’s grace, that we are a church family that really does care for one another.  It was good to see you all.
  2. The gathered body is way more significant than we often think!  If you are like me, you know that when we gather, it is a significant moment for us.  With that said, this past Sunday reminded me just how important it is to be together.  I was more encouraged and strengthened by our gathering than I anticipated.  It is the place we truly get to, “…taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalms 34:8)  We taste and see that the Lord is good in the praises of God’s people.  That’s actually the context of Psalms 34, and it was evident on Sunday.
  3. Engagement during the restrictions will have big dividends moving forward!  Because of the effort many put into staying connected, it was as if we had not missed a beat.  I am grateful for the things we were able to do while apart, it is going to help us move forward quicker.
  4. Let’s work hard to protect each other!  The desire to be together cannot cause us to soften or forget about healthy practices to protect each other.  Let’s work hard to maintain distance, regularly wash hands, and minimize the things we touch.  If you feel sick or have a fever, don’t worry about coming and simply watch the Livestream.  I know you would prefer to be with us, but these practices are a great way to serve one another well.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan


I want to make you all aware of our podcast, Beyond the Sermon. Beyond The Sermon is a podcast designed to take what God does on Sunday, as we come under His word, and move it into our daily lives.  It is a conversation with different people about how God is using the preached word in their lives.  It focuses on the previous sermon and discusses applications from the clear implications of that particular text. You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes or Spotify.  You can simply click the links in the previous sentence, or search for “Light in the Desert Church Sermons and Podcast” on those apps, then click subscribe.  This week’s podcast is below.  Listen as Freeman Pruett and I discuss this past Sunday’s message.