Church Family,

I do hope you all are having a great week thus far.  This past Sunday, we explored the complex issue of justice.  Proverbs provide a lot for us to consider when thinking about justice and injustice.  We all have within us a sense of right and wrong, and when that is violated, we desire justice.  We long for the wrong to be put right and for the right to be celebrated and upheld.  That is what Proverbs precisely puts before us; to do right and fight for the rights of others (Pr 1:3, 31:8-9).  The beauty of justice is that when it is guarded and given, mercy results in that evil is dealt with (Pr 20:8), abuse will cease (Pr 22:10), and rights are protected (Pr 29:7, 31:8-9).  We, as God’s people, should be marked by justice and mercy, for this is at the heart of the gospel (1 Jn 2:1-1).

As we stated on Sunday, we will continue with our current modifications for July.  We will also continue to provide a live stream on Facebook for those who are vulnerable and for those who feel more comfortable staying home.

Lastly, with no end in sight and loads of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, don’t hesitate to reach out.  You are not alone in your fears, frustrations, and weariness.  God’s good gift to us is each other, so reach out to one another and pray, read God’s Word, and spend time catching up.  If you feel particularly overwhelmed with anxiety, let’s chat.  There are excellent resources out there that I would love to put into your hands, and, more than anything, let’s explore God’s Word together and let His truths comfort us most.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan