Church Family,

What a wonderful time this past Sunday worshiping with you all.  I’m constantly encouraged when we gather and reminded of God’s grace when I see you all!

Can we all agree, the Bible is a phenomenal work of literature?  For some, the first thing they think when they read that last sentence is, “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” while for others, not so much.  Reading our Bibles is a discipline not only to incorporate into our daily activities but also to learn how to do well.  It’s not uncommon for the bible to introduce a theme, a person, or a theological point early on to unpack later.   Genesis does this a fair bit.  It has shown us its relevance for understanding the entirety of scripture, and this past Sunday was one of those moments.  We cannot understand Genesis 14:17-24 without Psalms 110 and Hebrews 5-7.  Melchizedek, who looms large throughout the history of God’s people, shows up in Genesis 14 without any explanation and disappears without any explanation.  He is not mentioned again until King David sees something in him pointing forward to a Priestly King who would be of an eternal priesthood.  Then the great expository preacher of Hebrews unpacks all the details of Genesis 14 and places all of them squarely upon Jesus.  Come to find out, Melchizedek is in our Bibles to point us towards Christ, the real King of Righteousness who brings peace!  Brothers and Sisters, read your Bibles, trust your Bibles, and marvel at the greatest of Christ!



I want to celebrate and express my thankfulness to all of you who gave to our international missions offering Lottie Moon.  Many of you gave on behalf of Sandy Talbot at the request of her family, and they have been encouraged by your generosity.  We received $3,075!  One hundred percent of that will go to support foreign missions!

The Doctrine of Humanity

This week’s link to our next lecture in the series The Doctrine of Humanity is  We will continue discussing gender.