Church Family,

I love our commitment to God’s Word every time we gather.  Preaching through books of the Bible forces us to look at the not-so-pleasant sections of Scripture.  This past Sunday, we considered how the Lord responds to sin by looking at the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  These are popular places even today used as references for outright evils.  One thing that becomes evident is that sin requires judgment.  The Lord, upon Abraham’s pleading, cannot find anyone righteous in Sodom.  Through sexual perversion, they put on display their evils (Gen 18:4-11).  Though judgment comes, the Lord saves Lot precisely because of Abraham (Gen19:29).  Sin does indeed require judgment, but grace is available through another.  We are all like Lot, only saved because of another, Jesus.


Life Among the Nations

This past Sunday, we announced an opportunity to encourage international college students at ASU.  It’s simple, do you have a piece of furniture you have been looking to get rid of?  Well, nows the time!  Most international college students don’t have the bare necessities, such as a table to sit and eat or a desk to do their work.  Life Among the Nations is asking for donations of unwanted furniture to help these students.  If you have any items you are willing to donate, email me.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan