Church Family,

It was such a joy to have church planter Andy Shurson, who is in the process of planting Desert Ridge Church, with us this past Sunday.  He walked us through Genesis 20, the story of Abraham and Abimelech.  For a second time, Abraham is overwhelmed by the fear of man and lacks trust in the providential care of the Lord.  On their own terms, he and Sarah try to preserve the promises of God rather than trust.  Their fear of Abimelech caused them to sin and, in doing so, brought sin into Abimelech’s house (Gen 20:9).  As the Lord confronts Abimelech, he exhibits a greater fear of the Lord than the great patriarch Abraham (Gen 20:8).  It’s easy to point figures at Abraham and question his trust.  But we too often lack trust and are overcome by the fear of man.  It hinders our joy and suffocates our faith.  We must function in reverent awe of God if we are to experience great joy and true freedom.  It’s far greater to walk in trust of the Lord than others.


Let Us Pray!

This Wednesday at 6 pm, we will meet in-person (woohoo!) for a time of prayer together as we anticipate Easter week.  There will be a zoom option as well (link:  I don’t know if you noticed, but we consistently call our times of prayer together (whether during our Sunday gathering or Wednesday evenings) “Let Us Pray!”.  This is because we want to remind ourselves of Scripture’s call to be a people who pray and pray often.  As a church family, we must saturate our church, our community, and the world with prayer.  As a church family, we must seek wisdom through prayer, we must pray seeking courage to be obedient, and we must pray for stamina to be faithful.  Join us as we call out together to our gracious God to do His will among our community and us.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan