Church Family,

This past Sunday, we continued our trek through the book of Genesis.  We’ve been following Abraham for several chapters and finally arrived at the birth of the long-awaited promise of a child, Isaac.  What a glorious moment after all the waiting!  Abraham and Sarah both rejoice at the birth of Isaac.  The scriptures tell us they laughed in joy at the astonishment of God’s faithfulness.  God provides as he promised (Gen 21:1)!  In the arrival of God’s divine promise, another thing occurs; the shortcomings of man’s attempt to do what only God can do.  Ishmael (Abraham and Sarah’s way of taking matters into their own hands back in Gen 16) laughs in mockery at God’s provision.  He does not receive God’s provision with trust.  Despite all this, the Lord still has his ear towards him and provides safety and provisions for him and Hagar (Gen 21:15-21).  In contrast between Isaac and Ishmael is both joy and difficulty.  Joy in that God is faithful, difficult in that man’s attempt to be God causes strife.  God’s way is always best, and man’s way always falls short.  We are to trust his ways in his timing!


Easter Schedule

Next week marks the last week of Jesus’ life that we often refer to as Passion Week or Holy Week.  There is much to contemplate during this time leading up to Resurrection Sunday.  We want to take advantage of this time to think and consider what the person and work of Jesus mean to us.  We will do this by having a Good Friday Gathering (April 2nd at 6 pm) and our regular Sunday Gathering (10 am).  Mark your calendars and plan on intentionally engaging in those two gatherings.

Let Us Pray!

We will continue with our Wednesday Prayer Gathering this week at 6 pm.  This is an in-person event, but we will offer a zoom option as well (link:

Desert Kids

This is just a quick reminder that if you have children or interested in serving in Desert Kids, please hang out after the gathering for an informational meeting.  Thanks to all the parents for your patience.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan