Church Family,

Preaching through Genesis, which is primarily a historical narrative book, has been enjoyable for many reasons, but one is watching real-life followers of God go through life.  We’ve been following Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac the last several months through the ups and downs.  We’ve learned a lot about the providential care our sovereign Lord gives to them (and us) despite their not so glorious moments.  Following God requires faith grounded in a faithful God who does what he says.  This past Sunday, even in death, we learned that it does not stop nor interrupt God’s promises being fulfilled.  Abraham secures a burial place for his wife Sarah and, in doing so, honors her and encourages God’s people for generations to come that we live in faith that God will fulfill his promises despite our death (Hebrews 11:11, 13-16).



In a couple of weeks, we will have baptisms!  This is very exciting, and we cannot wait to celebrate God’s grace in bringing salvation to others. If you have never been baptized and have questions, please reach out.  I would love the opportunity to explain what baptism is and to celebrate with you!


This Wednesday at 6 pm, we will continue our discussion on the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Come ready to discuss the deity of Jesus and bring a friend who might have questions.  Here is a zoom option


We have another wonderful opportunity to encourage both teachers and students at Jefferson Elementary School.  They have a boutique where students in need can come and get clothing and other necessary items.  They are short on shoes.  So, they reached out to us to see if we would be willing to collect shoes, sizes 1-6 (Kid sizes, of course), for the next couple of weeks.  We jumped at the chance to help.  In the foyer, for the next several weeks, we will collect shoes on their behalf.  Used shoes are welcomed but do use your judgment on whether they are still usable.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan