Church Family,

In a world of constant change, it’s comforting to know that the Lord is steadfast in his love towards us.  He is not a short-lived interest God who is only around for a few moments here and there.  He is consistent, determined, and has set His love toward us.  We saw the steadfast love of the Lord last Sunday so clearly in the story of God choosing Rebekah.  We watched those faithful followers rejoice in Genesis 24, specifically over the steadfast love of God.  It was evident to them, and us, in his providential care of being faithful to His covenant promises that His love was and will always be steadfast!



Join us this Wednesday at 6 pm to discuss the work of Christ upon the cross.  This significant event in human history has changed everything.  Please bring a friend as we look at various aspects of what Christ accomplished by his work on the cross.  We will also provide a zoom option here,