Church Family,

Holding tight to God’s unshakable word is difficult in uncertain times.  It becomes more difficult when suffering is great, and a quick fix is before you.  This is where we found ourselves in Genesis this past Sunday; Esau starving and willing to give up on the promises of God for a quick fix (Gen 25).  Jacob has apparently thought about God’s promise a lot and considered it of more value than temporal things.  Esau can only think about the moment.  We were encouraged this past Sunday not to be fixated on our current condition; but, rather we should be asking how God’s promises give us a better reality over our circumstances.


Desert Kids

We are super excited about this coming Sunday!  We have a deep conviction to invest in our children by giving them God’s word and helping mom and dad have spiritual conversations.  With that said, we are making a few changes this Sunday, May 2, to our Desert Kids area.  The most important detail is for you to have your children here by 9:45 am.  Here is a breakdown of what will occur:

  • We will be offering two classes–Nursery/Preschool (in the nursery) and K-5 (room 204).
  • At 9:45 am, you will drop your child off at either of those rooms
  • Teachers will bring nursery and preschoolers into the auditorium at 10 am to meet their parents and join in the singing.  They will then be dismissed back to their room after singing.
  • K-5 will have a structured 25 minutes of learning a biblical truth, studying scripture, singing songs, and preparing for the sermon.  After their time, they will be dismissed to come to the auditorium to join their parents.

Do be patient!  I’m sure the transitions will be bumpy at first, but we trust this structure will serve our children and parents very well!

Let Us Pray!

This Wednesday, we will have a prayer gathering at 6 pm.  There will be no zoom option because the topic of our prayers will contain sensitive information that might compromise some work across the world.

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to the many of you who brought shoes for Jefferson Elementary.  It is always so encouraging to see how our Church responds to the needs of our community.  I will be taking them over to the school this week since there is only a couple of weeks left in the school year.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan