Church Family,

As we watch the story of scripture unfold in Genesis, it might seem like the same old story over and over again.  A difficult situation, a sinful action, God’s sovereign act of faithfulness to his promises to right the ship, everything back on trace, then repeat!  This should not discourage us nor cause us to be frustrated with scripture.  The story of the early patriarchs is our story.  As a matter of fact, it’s the story of God’s people from the beginning.  Sin, God redeems, then repeat!  This actually serves as a helpful understanding of what it means to follow God and how dependent we are upon God the Father sending God the Son guiding us by God the Spirit.  Isaac this past Sunday has his moment of struggle (famine), lack of trust (deception), God remains faithful despite his unfaithfulness (continued blessing in the land), and it all reveals genuine faith (Genesis 26).  We have to understand, brothers and sisters, genuine faith is not without struggle but will, in the end, remain fearless by clinging to the promises fulfilled in Jesus.  All Isaac has is God’s promise of faithfulness!  Fast forward to the same old story playing out again in the life of Jesus.  Jesus is forced into famine (fasting for 40 days), He’s tempted to not trust (devil ‘s temptation), but (there is where His story differs greatly) He is without sin (Matthew 4).  Jesus clings to the promises of God and is sustained.  Brothers and sisters, we will struggle, but through the fulfilled promises of God in Jesus, let us remain fearless!



This week we will pick back up our study of Christology.  We will meet at 6 pm to discuss another aspect of the work of Jesus.  Here is a zoom option (

Desert Kids

What a great Sunday as we kicked off a few new things for Desert Kids!  Thanks for all those who volunteered and for patience as we fine tune.  Parents, let us know if you have any questions.