Church Family,

As we hit pause on our Genesis series for a while, I hope you have found it beneficial for at least two reasons.  First, Genesis is foundational to our understanding of the entire bible.  Without it, we would not comprehend our need for a savior nor see Jesus as our savior.  In studying Genesis, I hope it has enhanced your daily bible reading.  Secondly, Genesis has provided for us a glorious picture of God’s faithfulness.  This past Sunday was yet another display of God’s care for His people and His faithfulness to His promises.  We have seen multiple times His providential care to bring about His promises.  I hope our time in Genesis has generated greater trust in Him.



For generations of Christians, the Psalms have been a source of encouragement, comfort, and strong practical theology.  Every emotion one feels can be found somewhere within the Psalms.  One can literally find every heart condition within its pages that ultimately find their way into the arms of God.  Join us next Sunday as we begin a series in the book of Psalms for the summer.  We will cover the first eight chapters in June and July.  Grab your bible this week and start reading Psalm 1 in preparation for this coming Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan