Church Family,

I was so encouraged this Sunday as we began our summer preaching series in the Book of Psalms.  Logan reminded us from Psalm 1 that there is no scale between wickedness and righteousness; it’s A or B.  The many contrasts within Psalm 1 make us consider both, but it does not leave us to drown in our wickedness.  It offers us the way of righteousness, delighting and meditating on God’s Word!  Make no mistake about it, God makes us righteous, but He seems to do that through His word; after all, it does lead us to Jesus!  Logan was clear in showing us that we are made righteous by God through His Son to forgive sins (Psalm 32) and meditating upon God’s Word (Psalm 1).  So pick up your bibles this week, read, pray, re-read, pray again, think, and consider the truths of what you read upon your life.  God’s Word is where joy is found!


Desert Kids

With our first full month completed with our new changes to Desert Kids, we hope that you, parents, have been able to engage in thoughtful conversations with your children.  Desert Kids learned last month that God is the first and best of beings.  What a truth to grab hold of in our early years that will sustain us throughout life.  Church family, I encourage you to ask the children next Sunday, “Who is the first and best of beings?”  I guarantee you will be met with a smile and a joyous response of, “God is the first and best of beings!”  Be ready; they might be eager to show you from God’s Word how we know that truth!  Here is a link to this month’s family packet.

Thanks to our volunteers for all you do with Desert Kids.  If you are interested in helping, please let me know.  We can always use more volunteers!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan