Church Family,

This summer, we’ve endeavored to work our way through the first eight Psalms, and I cannot be more thankful!  As I read, re-read, and study each week, my heart sings, my soul is soothed, and my affections burn brighter.  Last Sunday, we learned more about how someone is blessed, and it is through surrender to God’s authority and trust in His ways.  The imagery of “kiss the Son” draws our attention to God’s Son Jesus and our response to Him (Ps 2:12).  God has given Him ultimate authority, not you. He is worthy and given the victory (Ps 2:7-9).  Like the Psalmist says, “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling” (Ps 2:11).


Sunday Studies

It’s been over a year since we gathered at 9 am for a Sunday Study, so to say we are excited about starting them back up is an understatement.  If you are unfamiliar with Sunday Studies, they are studies designed to tackle tough theological and cultural issues with a desire to help us love God supremely, love others sacrificially, and share hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples.  Set your alarm a little earlier and join us this Sunday.

Sunday Gathering Time Change

Don’t forget this Sunday we will also begin our new service time.  We will begin our Sunday Gathering at 10:15 am to give us adequate time to dismiss from Sunday Studies and create some space for fellowship.  So take some time, head to the foyer, then find someone you don’t know and chat.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan