Church Family,

This past Sunday, Psalm 3 helped us deal with what we all go through, difficult times.  King David is in the midst of a revolt led by his son Absalom.  This is no small protest against his rule; it’s many who have been swayed by the King’s son to turn against him.  This causes tremendous distress for David, and Psalm 3 gives us insight into his distress (3:1-2), his theology (3:3-4), his peace (3:5-6), and his prayer (3:7-8).  All of which guides us in the more difficult times of life.  We are not immune from hard circumstances, but we can endure with peace depending on what we believe about God.  David is at rest and sleeps well because God is his shield, protector, strength, and the one who will and has put right all the wrongs.  Brother and Sisters, let us follow the pattern of Psalm 3 and Jesus and pray diligently in hard times, communicating our distress and leaning into the truths we believe to experience peace and trust God’s sovereign work.


Sunday Studies

Don’t forget we resumed Sunday Studies last Sunday.  We are exploring what it means to be the church in a study called “Living as the Church.”  We start at 9 am, so mark your calendar and come a little early and enjoy time together in God’s Word.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan