Church Family,

We only have two more weeks in the book of Psalms.  I do hope you will continue to read and reflect upon this wonderful book for years to come.  As I’ve studied each week, it has become apparent why this book has served God’s people for centuries with its depth and array of emotions.  We saw this past Sunday how confession could aid the follower of God during emotionally unstable moments of life.  Life has a way of being overwhelming, but God has a way of taking those moments to grow and strengthen us.  It seems from Psalm 6 that confession is how we express our honesty about our troubles, rightly mourn our difficulty, and grow our confidence in the Lord.  I pray that confession will be a regular part of your prayers.


1 Timothy: New Preaching Series

Here at Light in the Desert Church, we are bible-believing.  Because of that conviction, we make it a regular habit to preach through books of the bible.  We also want to encourage everyone to be engaging with that book beforehand to prepare their hearts to receive from God’s Word when we gather on Sundays.  I cannot imagine what the Lord will do when we are attentive to His word, not just on Sundays but throughout the week as well.  So, grab your bible, and start reading 1 Timothy and let’s see what the Lord will do over the next couple of months.

Jefferson Elementary

As we do every year, we will begin collecting school supplies for Jefferson Elementary this coming Sunday.  We are collecting pencils, spiral notebooks, highlighters, and glue sticks.  There will be a basket in the foyer to collect the supplies.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan