Church Family,

We had another wonderful Sunday celebrating the person and work of Jesus in our lives.  As we saw Sunday, when we gather, we are putting on display what it looks like when the gospel takes root in a people.  As we become a godly people, God is honored, and it shows how effective the gospel is in changing people (1 Tim 3:14-15).  It’s also mysterious that sinful people can become holy.  The mystery of that godliness (1 Tim 3:16) is that it is accomplished through the person and work of Christ Jesus!  The local church is significant because it is a display of Jesus to the world.



Join us this week as we discuss “What is the Gospel?” to better understand it, articulate it, and most importantly, depend on it!  We don’t graduate from the gospel at conversion.  It is what sustains us as we mature in our faith.  See you at 6 pm this Wednesday!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan