Church Family,

Disregard the email you received yesterday.  We are working on a registration form for ESOL, and I did not account for the email blast that goes out!

Sunday was joyous as always, and I hope we find strength and comfort from God’s Word directed towards the church.  We are more than just a gathering of people on random Sundays.  We are God’s children coming together to worship Him and encourage one another.  With last week’s text, we were reminded that we are to protect the gospel.  We cannot undermine its work in our lives by the way we pursue holiness.  Holiness, both positionally and practically, is obtained in the person and work of Christ Jesus.  If we do anything to undermine Christ, it will draw people away from the faith.  All of holiness is found in Christ Jesus, and we use all God has created to grow into mature followers of Christ.


Disciple Makers

One last reminder that we have started back our Disciple Makers class on Wednesday nights at 6 pm.  We are discussing the gospel and will begin discussing essential doctrines that will help us read our bibles.  See you this evening!

Get The Vision

We will have another Get the Vision meeting on October 10 at 4 pm.  We will take any questions about the previous documents (Biblical Explanation of Elders and Common Questions about Elders) we handed out and then propose Bylaws that reflect our convictions about church polity.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan