The best way to get connected is to be a part of things more than just attending our 10am worship gathering. We have Sunday Studies every Sunday at 9am.  These studies are designed to tackle tough theological and cultural issues with a desire to help us love God supremely, love others sacrificially, and share hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples. They are typically seven weeks in length, and anyone can jump in at any time without hesitation.  As you come in the foyer, grab a cup of coffee and donut, and meet us in Room 204.

We are currently working on getting Life Groups up and running, where we meet in one another’s homes, share a meal together, and talk more practically about the Sunday message.

Another way to get connected is to come to the church service early and stay late to chat with people! Please contact any of the individuals below for more information.

Bryan Jerry

Lead Pastor
(352) 874-2971

Jack Parks

Leadership Team
(602) 677-6493

Don Meighan

Leadership Team 
(480) 216-9670

Freeman Pruett

Leadership Team 
(480) 404-3969